Animal rights defenders rescued a shaggy monster with matted hair, which had to cut more than 20 kilos

Animal advocates often face very difficult situations and they save not only dogs and cats, as we expect, but also animals of other species that find themselves in a difficult situation.

This incident was also out of the ordinary. Australian volunteers found a huge moving ball of wool and could not even immediately determine which species the host belonged to.

And only when they cut off up to 20 kilos of wool, they saw that it was a sheep.

A vagrant sheep wandered across the field, without an owner and did not belong to any herd, and in appearance it rather looked like a lump of matted fur. Residents think that she has not been cut for four years.

And it seems that this is really so, because no one has seen so much wool in their practice. At first, it was only from the head that one could guess that it was a sheep, since it slightly peeped out of the woolen ball.

The director of an animal welfare organization said that wool in such quantities threatened her life and health. Usually there are breeds of sheep that are bred specifically for wool and they must be sheared, as they do not shed naturally. If this is not done, then the animal is in danger of overheating.

And the remnants of this sheep’s wool must have gone to the big carpet. After the haircut, they found owners for her and, we hope, they will take care of her.

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