And they left in one day. ” An elderly couple of lions went to the rainbow together with the assistance of people

Many have heard of the famous pair of lions – Hubert and Calice, who were sent to another world together in one of the Los Angeles zoos. The zoo staff was very hard, but still decided to kill the lions together, which had been incredibly attached to each other for a very long time.

This affection made wild cats a kind of symbol of the zoo, unspoken and not officially recognized, but known to everyone. Due to their age, they were 21 years old each, ailments and an ever worsening condition, they had to get the last injection.

The couple became attached to each other already in adulthood, when they lost the ability to have cubs and after this meeting, all subsequent years did not part.

Their connection was so amazing that many deliberately came to the same zoo to meet with their own eyes this very couple, and on Valentine’s Day, couples in love came to them.

The most surprising was the fact that usually a male lion has many lionesses throughout his life, who give birth to his offspring, and an elderly lion, in turn, yields his position to the strongest and youngest individual.

But our heroes were an exception, they remained faithful to each other for many years. It would be extremely painful and unpromising to treat them further, besides, the departure of one of them would be a terrible blow to the other, which is why the zoo staff made this difficult decision.

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