An orphaned bat the size of a finger was found in the forest

A newborn bat was found in the forests of the city of Johannesburg in South Africa. Tiny and fragile, the bat was smaller than a human finger.

A newborn bat was found in the forests of Johannesburg, South Africa. This baby was motherless and kind people spotted it in time to take it to Johannesburg Wildlife Rescue Centre.

There, the baby was taken into the care of a doctor called Caryn. Although the bat was smaller than a finger, it needed sensitive care. Caryn used a make-up sponge soaked in milk to feed the mouse.

The baby was fed almost every hour and it quickly gained weight and grew in size. Caryn did all she could to ensure that the bat grew in good conditions, and soon her care was noticeable.

The bat grew up strong and healthy. Soon after, Caryn took in two more rescued bats, about the same age. She now has three wards.

When all the bats are old enough, they will be released back into the wild. According to the doctor, she encounters such cases every year – she has released dozens of orphaned bats.

“I’ve cared for them many times before, but every time I’m amazed at how incredible creatures they are. Tiny, fragile, but each with its own personality,” says Caryn.

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