An injured bear howled loudly in the village, begging for help

The villagers in India heard the cries of this bear who was trapped and severely injured its paw. Unable to move from the pain, the bear begged for help…

Villagers in the Indian state of Karnataka spotted a bear howling loudly after being trapped. Its left hind paw was in the trap and the bear was clearly trying to remove it, but it had injured its paw even more. Suffering from inflammation, it could hardly move…

The people spotted the bear in time – if it had happened later, the story could have ended sadly. They contacted the Wildlife SOS animal rescue team, who immediately went to the scene and picked up the unfortunate bear.

The bear was about 10 years old, dehydrated and hungry. Apparently it had been in a trap for several days. X-rays showed that the toes on the bear’s left hind paw were severely damaged – they had to be removed to save the whole paw and the bear’s health.

Over the next few weeks after the operation, the bear showed improvement, and soon recovered. It was transferred to the reserve, where it lived in a spacious enclosure. However, as the bear is now permanently disabled, they decided to keep it in the reserve permanently.

The bear is named Vaseekaran. It is enjoying fresh grass, sunshine, food, is surrounded by the love and care of the attentive caretakers, and is slowly getting used to the people in the sanctuary. Thanks to them for giving this bear a new life when it was on the verge of death.

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