An exhausted dog lay tied up near the store: the ribs glowed through the skin

Do you agree that a person who sincerely loves animals will not pass by someone else’s grief? One day we met an unfortunate malnourished dog on the way. We managed to save it from dysfunctional owners and give hope for a new life.

When you see such dogs, your heart aches with pain. You only want to know who the owner is and save the poor animal.

The owner of the dog was a woman who bought alcohol in a store. At that time, she was already in a state of intoxication. She did not wait for the police to arrive. The woman said:

“I don’t need a lying dog.” She gave us the leash and left. It turned out that the dog is thoroughbred. Its age is fourteen years old. The breed of the dog is Kurtzhaar.

We wrote a statement to the police. We found out that this unfortunate owner, fortunately, had no other animals.

The dog’s name is Angel. The dog is currently in the hospital. There are already people who want to take it home. It is hard to believe that until recently this beautiful dog was sitting in a puddle and suffering.

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