Albino elephant princess only cares about her evening milk bottles

Adine Roode, the owner of the Elephant Sanctuary and the “Herd” Sanctuary, took in orphaned elephants in the Jabulani elephant herd in South Africa. One of them was an albino elephant named Khanysa.

The baby grew quickly and became an integral part of the herd. Adult members of the elephant herd helped the baby learn new survival skills. Recently, a beautiful herd of elephants strolled past the dam to their estate.

Gorgeous African sunset with a nice orange color spread across the evening sky. The reflection of the herd members in the water was visible, which looked mesmerizing. The caregivers walked with them, guiding the wild animals on their way home.

Khanyisa walked confidently with Kumbura. However, when her caregivers called out for her, she dashed toward him. The albino baby elephant was hungry and knew it was time for delicious evening milk.

The baby elephant ran like a little toddler and reached her cozy nursery in no time. Her caregiver, Reply, was ready with 2 bottles of delicious milk for the cute Albino baby elephant.

Khanyisa hurriedly slurped down the yummy milk given to her. Even Adine joined in and helped the little one with her evening feed. Khanyisa drank all the milk in the bottle in a few minutes.

After that, the cute elephant princess headed towards her cozy nursery and was joined by her two sheep nannies, Nungu and Lammie, during the night. But, of course, Adine and Reply filled her meal basket with many yummy sweet potatoes.

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