Aggressive dog left in an abandoned house did not let anyone near it

A man named Takis from Greece helps needy animals. He has his orphanage. He often receives reports of animals being injured or abandoned and comes to pick them up and nurse them. Many of the animals he saved have already found a home!

Today we will tell and show the story of a dog that was tied up in an abandoned building. The dog was left alone in a dark empty house. How long it sat there is unknown, but its condition was very serious.

It barked loudly and let no one near it. The poor animal was exhausted, hungry, and very tense. It reacted aggressively to any movement

But Takis wasn’t going to give up. He took the dog back to his place and called it Temi. He knew that with the help of care, love, and affection (as well as tasty things) it was possible to gain the trust of the animal. And so it happened. After a long time, after long days of working with the dog, the animal finally became more tender.

Realizing that it was not in danger, the dog began to feel safe. Admire the calm and kind look of Temi after a while.

Just look at how its behavior changed at the end of the video. A lot of work has been done, thanks to Takis, another lost soul found happiness! Now it has a home and caring owners.

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