After 17 rounds of chemotherapy and surviving cancer, a rescue dog was eventually adopted

Volunteers discovered this 3-year-old puppy on the street. The dog’s paws were in a bad shape, and the torso was covered with ticks.

When he was taken to the vet, it was discovered that the four-legged also had a malignant tumor.

Ehrlichiosis, an illness that damages white blood cells, was found in the dog. It weakens the body’s defenses, allowing numerous pathogens to enter. Following treatment for the condition, physicians added weekly chemotherapy treatments to reduce edema.

The dog was cared for by a foster home while he was having therapy.

The dog remained quiet during all operations. He seems to recognize their desire to assist him. It took four months of non-stop nursing for the physicians to declare him recovered.

When the treatment was over everyone who assisted with the therapy decided to throw a celebration in his honor.

They made a liver cake, inserted a birthday candle, and donned party hats.

The volunteers then informed that the dog might search for a genuine family. Some folks wanted to take up the dog a week later.

The dog is now content in the arms of a kind family.

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