Abandoned mom dog with her puppies struggled to survive until help arrived

Diasozo Animal Rescue (RADAR) finds many stray animals in Karditsa, Greece.

Animal lover Hermioni, together with friends Katerina and Fotini, founded a rescue organization. There are many homeless and abandoned animals on the streets of Karditsa.

One of their recent rescues was a very hardy and persistent dog.

This dog was quite independent. She went all over the village to collect food. This food was necessary for her to be able to produce milk for her litter of puppies.

In other words, the dog mom has learned how to shop.

Well, maybe not exactly shopping. The dog had to beg for leftovers or look in the trash. Any food is better than nothing when you have children to feed.

DAR found out about this mother dog and how much effort she put into feeding her puppies.

They found the puppies before they found the mother, who was named Myra. Several puppies were hiding in a shelter under an old water tank with a volume of about 500 liters. Judging by the information DAR managed to find, Myra was probably an abandoned pet. She once had a house. Poor dog.

At first, Myra had to be put in a transport nursery. It wasn’t easy.

Myra was incredibly insecure. She was suspicious of the nursery. DAR had to persuade her for several long minutes. Eventually, everything worked out, and Myra was loaded into their van.

Obviously, the puppies were much easier to load there. As soon as they were brought to the shelter, rescuers began planning how to help the dog. At least now the puppies had a real house to sleep in, with walls, roofs and lots of neighbors. It’s better than a water tank in an old field.

Now, with privacy, security, and real food, Myra could settle down and raise the puppies until they were big enough.Meanwhile, DAR has requested support and donations from its Patreon to continue its rescue efforts.

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