Abandoned in the parking lot, the dog did not believe in happiness when it was noticed

The indifferent owners abandoned this dog in the supermarket parking lot, thinking that someone would pick it up. The poor animal didn’t understand why they did this to it, but it adapted to life on the street.


A dog named Clarence has never known the affection of people. He spent his whole life living with the owners in the yard. They treated him indifferently, and once they just left him in the supermarket parking lot, thinking that someone would pick him up. The doggie began to wander down the street.

He found two homeless friends, and together with them, he searched for scraps on the streets. One day, kind people reported about the dogs to the animal control service, and the staff helped the fuzzies. Clarence and his friends were taken to the Hounds In Pounds shelter.

Although Clarence went through a lot of difficulties, he was immensely grateful to people for saving him and did not hide it. He turned out to be a very gentle, sweet, and calm gentleman. In addition, Clarence always hugged the guardians, showing his gratitude and love.

Clarence is friendly with everyone he meets. The staff did not find any ailments in him, so they will soon start looking for permanent owners for the dog. Be happy, handsome!

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