A woman spotted a sleeping puppy in the New Year decorations

Walking past the Christmas decorations outside her home, a Brazilian resident noticed the cutest scene – a stray dog was sleeping sweetly in a small crate. The woman could not leave this miracle alone.

A Brazilian resident called Nadia Rosangella was walking past the Christmas decorations outside her house when she suddenly noticed something strange. She saw a lonely puppy lying in a small box in the middle of the decorations.

The baby was sleeping sweetly and the woman could not pass by. She took a picture of this cute scene and decided not to leave the sleeping beauty alone. She took it with her to find its owners.

It was obvious that the dog was homeless, but Nadia decided to try to find its owners. She posted a photo of the dog on social media, but unfortunately, after a while the owners were still missing. She decided to look for a new family for the dog.

Fortunately, she didn’t have to wait long – she was soon written to by a friend who just wanted a dog. So the puppy found a home, and was very grateful to the woman who had once not passed it by.

“I am happy knowing that this doggie is safe and surrounded by love. I love animals very much and I really want them all to find loving families,” says the woman.

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