A weak street kitty has grown into a real beauty

Among the three tiny kittens that were picked up in the street, one was noticeably different – it was half the size and weaker than its relatives. The little one needed a lot more attention, but luckily people with a big heart came along its way.

Three small kittens were found on the streets of the American city of San José. Lonely, skinny and without a mother, they were in need of love and care. People picked them up and took them to the local Mini Cat Town shelter, where they were welcomed.

One kitten, named Lilo, was different from its siblings – it was half the size, weaker and much more actively cared for. While its brother and sister were growing up and gaining weight, Lilo was still tiny but had not lost its willpower.

The brave little girl was drinking milk from a dropper with a great appetite, and slowly gaining weight. Every day the kitty became more energetic and soon it even began to play with its kin. It also fell in love with its guardian Laura’s husband.

The cat literally did not leave the man, constantly asking him for affection and spending time nearby. It found in him its source of security and comfort – and this love was mutual. Lilo turned out to be the most affectionate and gentle of the kittens – it did not hesitate to come up and loudly ask for affection.

In addition, for all the time Lilo became very friendly with its sister – Nani. When the kittens grew up enough and they began to look for homes for them, they decided to give the sisters together in one family.

After their baby brother found loving owners, a family was found for the kittens as well. They fell in love with Lilo and Nani and decided to take them in for good. This gave the little girls a permanent home.

Time passed, the cats grew up, and in the hands of loving owners turned into real beauties. Now they are not recognizable as those downtrodden, tiny starvelings who once wandered down the street.

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