A squinty-eyed cat lit up with happiness when it was spotted on the street

A passerby noticed this stray black cat alone on the street. His attention was attracted by a feature of the fluffy cat – its squinting eyes, which made it unlike the others and charming.

A resident of the Canadian city of Montreal spotted this special kitty on the streets. The squint-eyed little cat was picking up scraps and was in great need of love. Luckily, the little cat ended up in the hands of a kind man who took it to a shelter.

At the shelter, the cat sat in a cage for days, and no one wanted to take it away. They didn’t take much care of it, because there were so many animals there. But one day, a volunteer at the Chatons Orphelins rescue center accidentally noticed a photo of the unusual cat.

The volunteer realised right away that it was unlikely that such a special cat would find owners in a shelter, so to take care of it properly, it was taken to a rescue centre. There they gave the cat’s name, Biglou.

Apart from the strabismus, the cat was not found to have any peculiarities – it was completely healthy, so a temporary care place was found for it right away. The volunteer family fell in love with this miracle from the very first day – Biglou proved to be very gentle, sweet, and grateful.

The cat followed its guardians everywhere and never tired of thanking them with loud purrs and cuddles. The kitten is a little clumsy because of the squint, but that doesn’t stop the cat from actively jumping, running, and playing – living life to the fullest, just like the other cats.

The cat has also recently been walked on a leash outside, which it has enjoyed very much. The cat has been exploring all the nooks and crannies and spending time outdoors.

They are now looking for permanent owners for this little charmer. Let’s wish this cute cat finds the best family who will adore and love it. Be happy, Biglou!

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