A soiled puppy sat between the pipes and for some reason tried in vain to escape from there

One day a bus driver was driving along the road, and people in the cabin noticed wide pipes. The weather was very hot, and the earth was heated to the limit, burned out, and only occasionally could we see poor thickets of grass, since there were no conditions for lush vegetation here.

And it was here, under the scorching rays, that they saw a puppy stuck between these pipes. The dog was dirty and very scared. It was noticeable that in this place he was completely uncomfortable, but for some reason he could not leave.


The driver realized that the animal needed help and stopped his bus and approached him. But the dog, noticing the people, squeezed even more between the pipes and made it clear that he did not want their presence.

But people did not intend to leave until they helped the dog, and when they came closer, they noticed a metal chain between the pipes with one end stuck, and the rest wrapped around the dog’s neck.


And so, the unfortunate man was trapped. What a blessing that he was found on time, otherwise, his outcome would have been incredibly sad, but now there were chances for his salvation. The chain was taken out of the pipe and began to attract the puppy, but he stubbornly did not come out, as he was scared.


Then one man put on gloves and began to act persistently and so they freed the puppy. Under the sun it was already clear to what extent it was soiled and its fur began to resemble rust.

But the main thing is that he turned out to be very lucky, he was noticed and rescued in time, and now they are looking for caring parents.


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