A shabby puppy found in a bucket became a police dog

People noticed this puppy in the street – skinny, almost bald due to scabies, the little one was suffering from an ear and eye infection. It was hard to look at it without pity. But who knew how this defenceless little lump would grow up…

This poor puppy was found dumped in a bucket in Sussex, England. The skinny, weak, hungry baby was barely moving and witnesses immediately reported it to the RSPCA’s rescue centre. There, the puppy was diagnosed with severe scabies, which left it almost bald, as well as an eye and ear infection.

The puppy was named Badger and the staff began to do all they could for its recovery. With their daily care and love, the puppy recovered fairly quickly. When it finally recovered, owners were found for it. But they returned Badger a few days later – in their opinion, it was too active.

Badger really had oodles of energy – it was always wanting to play, and especially to look for things. The puppy could easily find its favourite tennis balls, even in hard-to-reach places. Upon noticing this puppy’s abilities, it was reported to the police department. Upon meeting Badger, the police officers were also surprised by the puppy’s talent for searching – and decided to take this puppy in for training!

After training, Badger has been helping the police as a sniffer dog for six months now. The police are pleased with its results and are delighted to have this boy with them. Badger is a real hero!

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