A rescue horse befriends a dog who likes to ride on its back

They are a fantastic pair of pals – a dog called Dilly and a little horse called Spinky – who instantly bond with each other.

The horse settled on the ranch and refused to listen to the trainers from the start.

It turned out that almost no one could find a way to approach this horse. But Dilly has been successful. Not only does Spinky obey it, but it doesn’t mind at all that it rides it.

The rancher is a horse trainer who also makes short videos with her beloved pets, Spinky the mini horse and Dilly the dog.

Franchesca plans to make a movie about their incredible friendship, but for now, she runs an Instagram page under their names, which has thousands of followers.

Over the past eight years, the horse and the dog have become friends.

The woman stated that her training began with the next training session, which was particularly difficult because the horse was completely out of control.

Dilly immediately arrived to help. It climbed onto the horse’s back.

Since then, they have never parted and spent all their time together.

When her clients have doubts about their own abilities, she shows them her pets and the doubts disappear.

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