A real bear den. The look from the inside of the one who was not afraid to go there will amaze you

In our country, a traditionally special attitude has developed towards bears as a kind of part of the culture. They are often the heroes of fairy tales, ballads, folklore, and the behavior of clubfoots is associated with strength and courage.

So bears can be safely considered a part of Russian culture, and it is customary for Russians themselves abroad to be compared and made analogies with bears.

But rarely who is personally ready to meet eye to eye with this beast – a predator after all. However, there was a daredevil who himself went to visit him. During a walk, the guy accidentally stumbled upon a rather large hole and decided to look there. Incredible courage, isn’t it? Fortunately, he was lucky and the bear did not see interference in his personal space.

He climbed into a very narrow entrance and fell into a kind of sleeping place for the beast. He measured by eye how many square meters there are in the den and measured on himself how a bear could fit during a long hibernation in winter.

However, we do not recommend repeating the experiment of this young man, since the outcome can be quite unpredictable and often fraught with dangerous consequences.

Would you dare to go on a similar experiment and climb into the den to the clubfoot? Write your opinion in the comments.

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