A purebred puppy was abandoned to the mercy of fate

People are not always responsible for those who have been tamed. Sometimes they abandon animals because there are problems with them.


So it was with the gray puppy, which ended up in the St. Petersburg shelter “Rzhevka”. He was a few months old when he was alone. Nobody dealt with him before, did not pay attention, so he was left to himself and did not know how to behave.

Therefore, he began to spoil furniture, and things and behave cheekily. Once in the shelter, the puppy realized that it could be different. The shelter staff began to take care of him, and then they found him a family.

In the new house, the thoroughbred boy was named Thor. He is now almost a year and a half old. During this time, the owners have faced various difficulties, but have learned to understand and respect each other.

“Thor is a wonderful, gentle, funny, and smart dog! We have been doing a lot and continue to do it, there is still work to be done, but the progress is significant!” the owner said.

Now Thor is surrounded by care and love.

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