A puppy that looks like a bear cub was handed over to a shelter

One day, a Pomeranian breeder abandoned a 5-month-old puppy in a shelter, who was born a slightly furrier dog than his brothers and sisters. Then the dog handler decided that such a dog was not suitable for sale and got rid of him. But now Bertram (the new owner called the pomeranian that way) is a real Instagram star with a whole army of fans!

And here is Bertram himself

The baby was taken by the owner of one of the art galleries in New York. Now he is the highlight of the art gallery. Many visitors come to admire the unusual puppy.

Look at how fluffy and big the puppy is

And how he looks like a bear!

And some visitors come, to be honest, not for paintings, but to cuddle the sweetest dog

Bertram has his own Instagram page, where new photos are constantly appearing

And recently Bertram celebrated his fifth birthday!

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