A pit bull has become a foster mother to a squirrel. Marvelous story

A beautiful and enlightening story about how dogs have enough compassion for all creatures, no matter how they were raised.

So no one would have predicted that Everly the pit bull would become a lifelong friend during a walk.

And that’s how it all happened. The dog was almost taken away from a semi-legal competitor by its current owner.

The dog changed, becoming friendly and kind-hearted, and was finally able to show its best features as a result of Leah’s kindness and affection.

Eventually, the dog discovered a very small squirrel while walking through a woodland park. It began sniffing around the animal out of curiosity.

It is likely that the squirrel had fallen out of the nest, so Leah began looking for a nest nearby.

The little squirrel made it all the way home with the dog, but there was no mother squirrel or nest.

The pit bull stayed close to its new companion the whole time and played with the baby animal like a real mother.

Although friendship is good, the girl decided to give the little squirrel to a wildlife care centre.

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