A patient cat loves cute baby goats’ shenanigans.

Sunflower Farm is a safe haven for 31 Nigerian Dwarf goats and their little ones. The farm is run by a couple named Hope & Chris. The pair is very involved in caring for their farm friends and the little ones.

Healthy and highly playful goat babies recently had another fun day on their Maine farm. The adorable baby animals jumped happily. The spectators had the impression that they were dancing throughout the farm.

However, one animal appreciated the small goats’ schemes. The lovely cat sitting on a high platform and watching the excited and energetic goat kids.

The rhythmic tapping of the hooves felt as if they were tap dancing. At the identical time, a few onlookers, who visited the farm, thought the baby goats were expert ballet dancers who could mesmerize the audience with their hypnotic performance.

The mama goat felt like their dance teacher, who kept a keen eye on how the little goat kids (dancers) performed. The kids did not care if the mama goat was watching them. Instead, they played and jumped around the haystacks like toddlers messing around their house.

The goat siblings walked and played around the field and jumped like a ninja on the haystacks. The little goat kids got up and down the customized steps and enjoyed the view of the beautiful farm.

All the babies went back to their mothers, except one, who was roaming around the beautiful farm in the evening. It felt as if the little one wanted to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

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