A passer-by heard a small puppy whimpering from a ditch.

A man was walking past a ditch in an urban area when he heard strange noises. Approaching, he saw that at the bottom of the ditch a small dog was sitting. The animal whimpered piteously and asked for help.


A resident of the American city of Oakland was walking through one area and heard strange sounds from a ditch. It turned out to be a small puppy, which was very afraid and whined softly, sitting in the side drain hole. The man and the girl decided to immediately help the poor animal.

It took about an hour to first earn the dog’s trust and then get it out of the ditch – but the couple succeeded. The dog was trembling with fear when it was pulled out, but at the same time, it was very grateful to the people for saving its life.

It is not clear exactly how the dog ended up in this hard-to-reach place, but the people rescued it just in time. People immediately took it to the veterinarian – the doctors determined that the dog had several problems that required treatment, and it was possible that it had been abused. The couple paid for all the procedures and took the dog.

The man and the girl interviewed people nearby and posted its photo on social networks in search of owners. Unfortunately, no one was looking for the dog, so they decided to keep it! The pet was named Rusty.


Now Rusty is surrounded by love and care and is absolutely happy. After all, once it could not even dream of such a life that these people gave it. Thanks for the rescue!

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