A man left his husky on the side of the road and drove off

Sometimes people can be so unfair to animals that such stories are heartbreaking. A man in the US recently left his husky on the side of a suburban road and drove off. The scene was filmed by another driver, and the video went to the police.

This story happened recently in El Paso, Texas, USA. A 68-year-old local man, Luis Antonio Campos, was arrested for mistreating his dog. He left his husky on the side of a suburban road and immediately fled the scene. Another driver managed to film the scene.

The video shows another man getting out of the car with his dog while the 68-year-old owner sits in the driver’s seat. The man removes the collar and leash from the husky and leaves it on the road. The car then drives away and the restless dog immediately runs after it, but fails to catch up…

This sad video was soon spread around the internet, with commentators criticizing the man in every possible way. The police later identified Luis Antonio Campos and arrested him. The perpetrator now faces a fine of five thousand dollars.

The dog was taken care of by Huckleberry Hound Dog Rescue. It was found and taken for a check-up, where it didn’t find any health problems. The dog was named Nanook and they found a new family for it almost immediately. Nanook is now happy with loving people.

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