A man found 20 defenseless puppies in the forest, which were thrown out in the winter cold

Roman makes various toys out of wood. The other day he went to the forest to collect materials. He found 20 frozen puppies among the trees. He couldn’t leave them there.

The puppies couldn’t stand the cold. They tried to warm each other up in any way. It was clear that they were domestic and could not just be here. Someone obviously dumped them here.

Roman immediately put them in the car and turned on the heating. Almost everyone was no more than 2 months old, except for one girl 4-5 months old.

Roman sheltered them on the porch of the bathhouse. He made a house out of a huge box for puppies and shared it online. He could not even imagine that people would react so warmly to this post.

Roman didn’t need the money. He only wanted to find owners who would not refuse to help him. But in just a few days, people donated so much money that Roman himself could safely keep them. A film crew also visited him. After the shooting was over, they went to shoot the place where Roman found the puppies. But there was another big surprise waiting for them. There were 4 more fuzzies in the same place, which Roman also gladly sheltered.

With the help of relatives and caring people who came from other cities just to help, Roman built several dog houses near the house, bought enough food.

With the help of veterinarians, the sex of all puppies has already been determined. By the way, 4 dogs have already found shelter. We hope that other puppies will also find their new owner who will love them. And we want to say a big thank you to Roman.

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