A little chihuahua who has a disability and who was abandoned by the owner.

Today we will tell you a touching story. Agree that it is very bad when someone feels lonely and not needed by anyone. This is bad not only for humans, but also for animals. It is very sad to realize that many pets find themselves in this position these days.

Today we will tell you about one little chihuahua who had such a sad story. He had a serious disability and his owners, instead of loving him much more, simply abandoned him. They put it in a small cardboard box and left it outside. Many people wanted to take a thoroughbred dog, but did not take it because of her disability.

He has no front paws. And because of this, he can’t even walk. This doggie’s name was Narcissus. Animal advocates from San Francisco soon found out about it and hurried to help him. They knew perfectly well that this poor thing did not deserve such bad treatment. In him, they first of all saw a beautiful dog with a good soul.

They loved him and looked after him well. After a while, Narcissus changed a lot. He became much more active and cheerful. He was also given wheels so that he could walk. And at the moment it is much easier for him to move around.

Now he lives a normal life and likes to play a lot. These wheels became his salvation. Many thanks to these defenders for saving the puppy. After all, not everyone would do it. The puppy is very cute and curious. He has already made friends with those who saved him. But the sad thing is that he has not yet found a family and good owners who will not do so badly to him. We hope that this will happen soon.

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