A lion from the Crimean zoo climbed into a transport with tourists and began to hug them

This case fits well in terms of “both laughter and sin”, and it happened in the Taigan Park in the Crimea. The young lion Philia wanted to demonstrate his own upbringing and politeness.

Several tourists wanted to drive through the park in an open car just near the enclosure. And this riskiness will be remembered for a long time. The huge predator suddenly climbed up to them and began to caress them. Now we find it funny to read about it, but let’s not forget that it was a predatory animal, moreover, of impressive size.

Lev Filia had a rather unusual character. He had a natural need for love and affection, and he asked for “hands” at the first opportunity, no matter how ridiculous it may sound in the case of his appearance.

Park employees claim that Filia is absolutely harmless, but if he really wants hugs from you, then it is pointless to resist, you will not be able to physically. The video with the too affectionate lion spread throughout the network.

It is surprising that tourists quickly ceased to be afraid of the impudent predator, they were afraid at first, but realized that there was nothing to be afraid of a good predator. There are also those who specifically want to go there in order to be able to communicate with Filia.

How would you react if a huge carcass with a grin and claws climbed up to you, demanding a hug?

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