A kitten with developmental disabilities really wanted to live

This purebred kitten was born special – with crooked hind legs and a deformed muzzle. The owners rejected the baby as it was the weakest of the kittens and they didn’t know how to look after it properly…

This Himalayan baby was born special, with crooked hind legs and a deformed muzzle. The owners rejected the kitten as they did not know how to look after it. They showed it to the vet, who saddened them further by saying that the kitten had little time left.

After hearing its story, a volunteer called Stephanie from the Stray Cat Alliance shelter immediately volunteered to help. She took the kitten in to save its life. The kitten was less than a day old at the time.


Just seeing the kitten, the woman thought it looked like a bearded grandpa. So she gave it the nickname Grandpa. The guardian began to feed it by the hour from an eyedropper, and helped it to crawl out in every way she could.

Stephanie placed ‘Grandpa’ in a special incubator where its body temperature was regulated. To work on its deformed paws, the woman gave the kitten massages and exercises every day.

There was a lot of strength and will to live in the baby’s tiny body. The kitten was very brave, tolerated all treatments and ate a lot. Soon the baby began to get better little by little, which the carer was overjoyed about.

In 10 days ‘Grandpa’ has doubled in size and is much fluffier. For now, Stephanie continues to look after the kitten and awaits its next little victories. When the kitten grows up, permanent owners will be found for it.

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