A kitten appeared at the door. He was afraid of people and hid, but hunger forced him to come back again

One day, four kittens appeared at the house of a girl named Ariel. It happened a few months ago. And there was no mom-cat nearby.

When the kids heard Ariel’s footsteps, they rushed off into the bushes growing behind the fence.

The girl asked the neighbors about the kittens. But no one knew anything. A little worried about the kittens, Ariel and her family began to leave them food in the hope that they would get hungry and come back.

No one has ever seen pets eat treats. But the food evaporated from the plates in half an hour!

котята едят

A few days later, people heard meowing coming from the back door. Ariel came to the sound, and saw the smallest kitten who came alone. The baby was afraid of the girl, and stepped back if she came closer.

Then Ariel put the food by the fence, and she sat down in the yard to wait for the baby. The kitten was sneaking up to the fence to eat. This time she was alone again, and there were no siblings nearby.

котенок у дверей

Every day a little guest came to Ariel’s yard to eat. As long as the girl didn’t move, the wildcat could eat.

Soon the cat began to appear several times a day. And after a while, she became so emboldened that she even began to look into the window of the family to hint about the treat.

In the end, the baby took the food from Ariel’s hand and allowed her to pet herself.

котенка гладят

That’s when the family realized that the baby had accepted them. It was decided to leave her to live in the house. By the way, at that time people gave the kitten the nickname Billy, not yet knowing that she was a girl. The truth was revealed only at the vet’s appointment.

The kitten became very attached to Ariel’s son and started playing with him. She was waiting for the child at the door and meowed in greeting when the boy returned from school.

мальчик играет с котенком

At first, Billie preferred to spend more time in the yard. But, having made friends with the dog, the baby felt bolder and often began to fall asleep on the couch, cuddling with a new girlfriend.

Billie has learned to enjoy her new life, dig in trash cans and play a little prankish. Now she likes to spend time with people.

Ariel’s heart freezes every time she sees her cat and dog sitting on the doorstep waiting for her son to return from school.

кот и собака у дверей

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