A homeless curly-haired labrador in the garbage extended its paw to people, hoping for help

The weather was unstable from -18 to thawing and freezing rain. Every night at the same time, the dog would wait for me with food near the house because it had nowhere else to eat. People in our area have a very bad attitude towards stray dogs, they will not even give them a bone. They’d rather throw away a whole chicken than treat a four-legged friend.

When Bertha saw me, she ran to meet me and didn’t leave until she was tired of hugging me. Sometimes she would bring her friends – old street dogs – and let them eat first. This dog was unusually noble.

I was planning to gradually move the whole company off the street as there was no more room for animals in the pet hotel.

The next time, the dog came to my window early in the morning and woke me with her loud bark, announcing her arrival. I quickly got out of bed, put on my jacket and rushed outside.

I found her standing ankle-deep in a puddle and looking at me with a sad look. There were lumps of snow tangled in Bertha’s curls, which had already frozen. And at that moment I realized that it was time to carry out my plan. In addition, one place was vacated in the hotel the day before.

When I got home, I couldn’t find a collar with a lead and decided that the plan had failed. I didn’t know how I was going to persuade a dog weighing over 30 kilos to come to the front door. But my beloved Bertha seemed to have been waiting for an invitation all the time – she immediately ran into the open doorway and identified my flat by sitting right in front of it.
When she came in, she immediately began to greet my mother, giving her a paw that was almost the size of my palm. As soon as Mum took her hand away, Bertha would start knocking on her knee, demanding to be allowed to continue and screaming even louder. She was scratched behind the ear every time she did this.

This time the dog refused food and water, as she only wanted to sleep soundly in silence and warmth.

We wiped her a little with a warm, dry towel and allowed her to sleep. Bertha was not modest and immediately after the invitation climbed onto the sofa and lay down on a cozy blanket. She immediately fell asleep, hugging a toy that she didn’t have the strength to play with.

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