A girl saw a helpless cat on the road and decided to approach

Tiffany was driving when she saw a small gray animal shaking near the highway divider. She walked closer and spotted the kitten crouching on an orange plastic bag in the snow and silt.

Tiffany stopped the car and picked up the shivering kitten. When she put it in the car, it immediately snuggled up to her to keep warm. Despite life on the busy and dangerous road, the kitten miraculously managed to survive.

“Apart from the fact that the kitten had a cold, it was in good condition!” said Anna Chrisman, media manager for Michigan Humane. “And it was very happy to be somewhere warm and get lots of pets. It started purring shortly after its rescue and still hasn’t stopped!”

The 4-month-old short-haired cat, now called Lodge, has big expressive eyes that make everyone at the Detroit shelter fall in love with it. When the cat realised it was safe, its personality began to shine. It is an affectionate little one who loves to be held and cuddled. We hope that it will soon find a loving and caring owner.

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