A dog led a passer-by to an abandoned newborn baby

A motorcyclist was riding through the mountains in the Philippines when suddenly a dog jumped out in front of him. It barked loudly, as if it was trying to tell the man something, and then led him in the other direction. The man was shocked by what the dog showed him.

A Filipino man named Junrell Fuentes Revilla shared this amazing story. The man was riding his motorbike through the Seba Mountains when a dog suddenly ran towards him. It barked loudly and led the man away, as if trying to show him something. The man suspected that something was wrong and followed the dog…

The dog led him to its shocking discovery. On the rubbish tip there was a small bundle, inside which the man saw a newborn baby. It turned out that this unwanted tiny baby boy had just been left there, and thanks to the dog, he had been spotted. The man took the baby to the nearest police station, where he was taken care of.

This incredible story quickly spread on social media in the Philippines – many were touched by the bravery and instinct of the hero dog. There was even a news story about it. The dog itself was reported to a local rescue organization Hope For Strays. Like many online users, they thought the dog was homeless – but it turned out it had owners.

The dog’s name is Blacky and it lives with a large, loving Olingei family. Staff once visited the family home to have a closer look at the dog, who has become a real national hero. Blacky’s family love dogs – in addition to Blacky, they have four other four-legged friends.

“All the dogs in this family are very sensitive and loving creatures. I can’t forget what Blackie’s owner said when we met: ‘No matter how hard my life is, even though I’m poor, I feed and care for all my dogs,'” said the rescue centre worker, Gia.

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