A black and white kitten on the road was crying loudly and bad weather was coming to the city

It happened in Queen Creek, Arizona. The woman was driving along the road when she heard a small kitten crying.

The black and white kitten was sitting right on the highway in bad weather. The woman stopped the car, got out of it, grabbed the baby in her arms and went home. And a little later she posted a Facebook post asking for help.

Soon she was contacted by a woman from Phoenix, Arizona, who agreed to give the kitten a temporary overexposure.

After all the hardships, the baby ended up in a foster family. He was a little overweight, he smelled bad, and dozens of fleas covered his whole body. The baby was bathed and put to bed.

In general, the pet was in good condition, considering that he lived on the street. Probably, the cat mom took the kids somewhere to protect them from the weather, and our little hero just got lost.

The kitten was given the nickname Junior. He cried all the time, not wanting to be alone. The crying of the baby was heard by a cat named Nitro, who had been living in a hospitable house for a long time. An older friend came to the pet to offer help and care.


Nitro took care of the kitten, calming him down. Once a cat was rescued in the same way. He, like this baby, was settled in the house and cured. Probably, the pet still remembers what fate he was saved from. Therefore, he decided to help a little friend.

The details of the story can be found in the video:

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