A bald dog wandered around the temple picking up scraps

The people of Bali noticed this completely bald dog with protruding bones outside one of the temples. It was picking up scraps, and was afraid of every human movement if anyone approached it. But one woman couldn’t stand it and decided to help it…

Residents of Bali spotted this completely bald and unsociable dog near one of the temples. The scrawny, hungry poor thing was picking up scraps there, and one woman could not bear to watch this heartbreaking sight.

Kelly decided to help the poor thing. They caught it with a net and took it to Mission Paws’ible’s rescue centre. The dog was in such a sad state that it spent a whole two weeks in the vet clinic.

The dog, named Putri, was terrified of its new surroundings and especially of people. Apparently they had caused it a lot of pain and it was now terrified of every movement. But in time it began to realise that it was possible to trust these people…

Soon Putri recovered a little and even grew some fur. A woman named Kelly, who had picked it up, decided to take it into her care. At first Putri was hiding in the bushes near the house, afraid of everything around it.

Putri lived in the bushes outside the house for three weeks. Kelly left the food for it and later started feeding it by hand. It took a long time for the dog to learn to trust humans, but it slowly learned, showing progress every day.

One day when Kelly decided to introduce Putri to her pet dogs, she couldn’t believe her eyes – she saw Putri playing with the dogs and wagging its tail for the first time. It was an important step, after which the doggie began to blossom.

Putri started exploring the house, playing with the dogs, and letting Kelly pet it. Things changed even more when Kelly started taking Putri out for walks. Putri realised it was loved here and it finally felt like a normal dog.

Putri is happy now – it’ s a joy every day of its new life, it constantly asks its guardian for affection, scurries around the yard after its walks, and loves to play with its mates. They are already looking for permanent owners for this little puppy. Let’s wish this little cutie finds a better family!

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