A 10-year-old cat likes to sleep with its close friend, a cat-shaped rock.

A 10-year old cat enjoys sleeping with her close friend, a rock in the shape of a cat.

Many people knew about the strong relationship between dog and cat, with parrots, with a hamster, and even a horse. All these are normal because all of them are animals. But surprisingly this little cat became friends with something which is not real. This is a cat called Baby.

The cat is already 10 years old but the owners never feel anything abnormal about her.

She is like usual pets- she does everything usually, sleep, eats, etc. The only thing that differentiated her from others was the absence of her tail.

But, this does not mean anything, it does not change her character.

Once the baby’s owners decided to change their garden and they got a statue in their garden like a cat. After this, the cat does not go far away from the statue, she stays there for a couple of days and does not want to leave.

We do not know why the cat started to love the statue so much and what was the reason but it happened. The baby sits close to it and tells the statue about something interesting.

She also likes to sleep next to her best friend. This is an unusual thing but Baby’s owners never reject her.

So, maybe you will find this is strange but what’s important is that Baby feels very happy and the owners do not want to change anything as they are also getting used to Baby’s unusual actions.

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