Michael Jackson has 3 children left. How they look today and what they think about their father

The king of world pop was not only brilliant in his career. Michael Jackson devoted part of himself to his children – Prince, Blunkett and Paris. What happened to them after their father passed away and how their fates turned out – read on in our article.

Prince has become a producer and philanthropist

Michael Jackson’s eldest son was born on 13 February 1997, Michael’s second marriage to nurse Debbie Rowe. The boy was given the beautiful name of Michael Joseph Prince Jackson, Jr.

Prince received a decent education. He graduated from a private school in California, after which he studied filmmaking at Loyola Marymount University.

Michael Jackson’s first-born son is now a successful producer. He founded King’s Son and now helps talented people get ahead.

Another of Prince’s activities is charity work. He supports children who have faced abuse, as well as African-Americans and the homeless.

Prince is now 25 years old. He often remembers his father and confesses that he misses him. Everything Michael once taught him, he tries to apply in life, and these teachings help him.

Prince’s main life principle is: “Never stop learning”. His father taught him this, revealing an important truth about life: “The minute you stop learning, you start dying.”

Paris grew up beautiful and became a model.

Paris’ daughter also came from Michael Jackson’s second marriage, her mother being Debbie Rowe. She was born on April 3, 1998, a year before her parents’ divorce.

The public was interested not only in Paris’s close kinship with the pop king, but also in her looks – the girl grew up to be a real beauty. Modeling agencies could not ignore this. They vied with each other to offer Michael Jackson’s daughter lucrative contracts.

Paris took the loss of her father very badly – it changed her life forever. She tried to end her life several times and was consumed by bad habits. The 15-year-old’s health was taken seriously by psychologists at the Utah School of Therapy. Specialists helped her cope with her depression.

Paris, 23, is fully immersed in her work. She is a sought-after model and, as of 2017, an actress. The pop king’s daughter writes and performs songs and plays several musical instruments. However, she has no plans to become a professional singer.

Paris does not share the details of her personal life with fans or journalists. It is known that she now lives in Encino, the Jackson family estate. Michael Jackson’s daughter continues to live her father’s ideas and makes no secret of the fact that he often comes to her in her dreams.

Blunkett leads a non-public life and has changed his name

Blunkett, Michael Jackson’s youngest son, was born on 21 February 2002. To become a father for the third time, the pop king used the services of a surrogate whose name no one has disclosed.

Because of the heightened public scrutiny, Blunkett grew up to be a very shy child. The sudden death of his father had a bad effect on the boy – he became even more withdrawn. His grandparents took custody of him and he lived with them until he was 18.

In 2015, Blunkett decided to change his name to Biggie. Blunkett decided to change his name – he is now called Biggie.

Michael Jackson’s youngest son is now 20 years old. He is an independent and serious boy who leads a secluded life. Biggie can only be seen in public during charity events.

Biggie Jackson is seriously into martial arts. He takes his studies very seriously and enjoys the exact sciences. In 2018, the pop king’s youngest heir announced that he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a musician.

Michael Jackson’s children grew up to be very talented but very different individuals. They suffered the loss of their father, but each heir to the pop king found his own vocation and path in life.

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