“Covered up her wealth with a bow”: Lopez fans stunned by photo of the star in a see-through outfit.

Lopez’s fans were stunned by a photo of the star in a see-through outfit with a bow covering some parts of her body.


The 53-year-old Jennifer Lopez has repeatedly demonstrated her hard work at the gym, and the result is great shape. And all for a good reason, as it is thanks to this that the star can afford almost any extravagant outfit.
For example, the star recently attended the premiere of a new film, My Pirate Wedding, where she played one of the main roles. The actress’ outfit got fans incredibly excited.

Jennifer appeared for the photographers in a see-through sequinned dress. Underneath the hem of the dress was a huge yellow bow, which playfully covered Lopez’s shape.

It should be noted that the side view leaves little room for imagination.

«Gorgeous as ever»,

«Just a stunning dress»,

«What’s the bow for?»,

«When you work out hard at the gym and you want everyone to see it»,

«The side view is brilliant!».

What do you think of Jennifer’s outfit? It’s a spectacular dress, isn’t it?

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