Antonio Banderas’ daughter, who is his only child, is exceptionally beautiful at the age of 26. The heart attack experience has made him value his daughter even more.

Antonio Banderas’ Only Daughter Is ‘Insanely Beautiful’ at 26 — Heart Attack Made Him Treasure His Girl More


Following Antonio Banderas’ survival of a heart attack, his priorities in life have shifted for the better. He is now putting more focus on his family, including his daughter Stella, and his acting career. At 26 years old, Stella is not only beautiful but also creative.

Antonio Banderas is a well-known Spanish actor, recognized for his iconic roles in “The Mask of Zorro” and “Puss in Boots.” However, when he relocated to the United States to film his first American movie, “Mambo Kings,” he was already an established actor in Spain but did not possess proficiency in the English language.

Antonio Banderas’ life took a turn after his divorce from his first wife, Ana Leza. He soon met his second spouse, Melanie Griffith and their relationship became the driving force behind his decision to permanently move. While his career was still important to him, it was no longer the sole focus of his life. Banderas recognized the importance of love and family and made the necessary changes to prioritize them. His personal journey serves as a reminder that success and happiness can be found in both professional and personal aspects of life.

As an accomplished actor, he was inevitably asked about how he found the transition to life in America. In response, he opened up about the central role that his relationship with Griffith played during this time. He went on to reveal that his wife had two wonderful children – each with a different father – who resided in the United States. In light of this, moving to Europe would have been a real challenge for the whole family.

Antonio Banderas chose not to have his children constantly traveling back and forth every two weeks. Instead, he decided to embrace his role as a stepfather, acknowledging that it was a challenging adjustment. When Banderas met Melanie Griffith, who is also an actress, her daughter Alexandra, from a previous marriage with Steven Bauer, was ten years old. Additionally, Griffith’s daughter Dakota, from her marriage to Don Johnson, was six years old at the time.

The actor confessed that beginning his role as a stepfather was difficult because Griffith’s children had to develop a trusting relationship with him.

But soon after he and Griffith had their daughter, Stella, they warmed up to him, and in less than a year, Alexandra and Dakota realized that Banderas was there to stay.

He and Griffith smoothly blended their families, with Alexandra and Dakota calling him “papiano,” a derivative from “papa,” and Antonio.

By the time Dakota was 22, she had already started making movies, and Alexandra was living in New York, which made Banderas so proud to have watched them grow and find their careers.

The “The Mask of Zorro” star had initially admitted that his wife’s substance abuse challenged their marriage but said working through it made them stronger.

Unfortunately, in 2015, the actors ended their two-decade marriage, with Griifth stating that their union “fell apart because I felt stuck.”

However, the separation was amicable. Banderas spoke fondly of Griffith and said, “Melanie is not my wife anymore, but I think she’s my best friend.” Then he expressed that he would love her forever because she was family.

Even though it was not easy to let go of their two-decade marriage, Banderas admitted that they both made mistakes and have learned from them, but at the end of it, their union was filled with love, and their daughter Stella is a representation of that.

Why Did Heart Attack Change Banderas’ Life?

Months after his divorce from Griffith, Banderas started dating Nicole Kimpel, and the two have been together for over ten years.

After experiencing a heart attack in 2017, Antonio Banderas is grateful to have found love with Nicole Kimpel, especially since she played a major role in saving his life. Banderas recounted the story of how Kimpel gave him a second chance at life during an appearance on “The Late Night Show with Jimmy Kimmel.” The night before the heart attack, Kimpel wasn’t feeling well and went to the pharmacy to get some painkillers, but she also picked up a packet of aspirin at random. The next day, when Banderas was experiencing chest pains, Kimpel gave him an aspirin which provided relief and saved the actor’s life. Banderas’ story is a testament to the importance of being with someone who cares for you and can be relied upon during times of crisis.

After suffering from chest pains, Banderas was diagnosed with a heart attack, but due to quick action, he was able to survive. Despite the frightening experience, the actor acknowledged that the health scare was actually the best thing to happen to him. He came to the realization that he was more afraid of dying than not living his life to the fullest. Banderas questioned why he would worry about things if his life could end at any moment. After nearly losing his life, he reevaluated his priorities and realized that his daughter Stella, his family, and his passion for acting were the most important things in his life.

To put his words into action, Banderas bought a theatre in Spain to create and be a part of stories that mattered to him. “It made me appreciate life in a completely different way and much more powerful way,” the actor said about his heart attack.

How Does Banderas’ Only Daughter Look at 26?

Banderas’ daughter is a grown 26-year-old woman who, according to her father, has taken after her parents’ creativity.

The actor gushed over how much of a good writer Stella was and loved being behind the camera. But despite coming from a family with a prestigious Hollywood status, Stella is down to earth.

Banderas said if he had a second life, he would love to be as explorative as his daughter, but then he realized, “Maybe my daughter is my second life.”

Aside from writing, Stella loves fashion and being outdoors, but family is very important to her, just like her parents.

Comments about Stella Banderas | Source: Stella Banderas Griffith

Stella showed off her modeling skills on Instagram, posing for the luxury brand Dior. The comments were filled with praises of her beauty, describing her as “insanely beautiful.” Even her mother wrote, “My gorgeous angel girl!”

Comments about Stella Banderas | Source: Stella Banderas Griffith

Although Griffith and Banderas are not together, they raised their children to succeed in their individual career paths and maintained a healthy co-parenting relationship.

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