An artist used a neural network and showed what celebrities would look like if they were still alive

Sometimes time plays against us. Unfortunately, many famous, talented people have passed away too young. Of course, the universe has its own plans and it’s all more philosophical, but behind famous personalities there are always their fans who are not ready to say goodbye to their idols. And the question always remains ‘What would he or she look like after all these years? What more could they have given to the world?”.

And while it is difficult to answer the question of creativity, the question of appearance is, oddly enough, much simpler. Brazilian artist Khidreli Diao used artificial intelligence and used it to age celebrities who left this world too early.

Elvis Presley

Elvis would be 87 years old in 2022.

Marilyn Monroe

The beautiful Marilyn, on the other hand, would be 96 years old! By the way, she is the same age as Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II.

Kurt Cobain

Rebel Kurt could have celebrated his 55th birthday.

John Lennon

Lennon would become an 82-year-old man.

Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole was Kurt Cobain’s same age and would also have celebrated her 55th birthday in 2022.

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi, on the other hand, would have turned 80 this year!

Freddie Mercury

We’re sure the 76-year-old Freddie would still be a rockin’ star!

Whitney Houston

The beautiful Whitney would be 59 years old.

Tupac Shakur (2pac)

2pac would have celebrated his 51st birthday.

Amy Winehouse

The talented Amy would have been just 39 years old.

Bruce Lee

Bruce could hardly be called a venerable old man – he would be 82 years old.

Paul Walker

This year Paul would have turned 49.

Michael Jackson

And finally, the great Michael, who was supposed to be 64 years old in August 2022!

Of course, modern technology will not bring beloved idols back to life at the moment, but it can satisfy curiosity and, at least in virtual space, prolong their lives.

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