World’s most loved dog named Hachiko finally reunited with its owner after 90 years separated

The most popular dog in the world, Hachiko, finally reunited with its owner after a 90-year separation.

Hachiko is a popular and most loyal dog who waited until the end for its owner at the subway station. But its owner was no longer alive. There’s even a statue of a dog and its owner together.

It’s the most heartbreaking story in the world. Although the owner dies, the dog remains faithful to its human friend until the last day of its life.

It never lost its hope and every day waited for its owner to come back.

But it couldn’t have happened because he wasn’t alive, but the dog didn’t accept it.
When the story was published on the Internet, it melted the hearts of all the readers.

People felt sorry for the dog. It’s no secret that dogs create a special bond with their owners, and no one can ever break it. Dogs are caring and loyal.
The University of Tokyo depicted the statue of the union of the dog with its owner which could not ever happen.
This is a story and especially this statue will motivate everyone to take and keep animals who will become their loyal and best friends.

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