Woman gets lost in the woods while hiking, but her dog helps her not to go crazy.

Sometimes not only people save animals, but also vice versa.

Barbara Dudswell went camping in Ashland Lake, Washington. She brought water and some food. She took her dog for a short walk in the woods. It didn’t look like anything would go wrong.

But as she walked, she slipped and fell into a ravine. She broke her leg and could not get out. She screamed and panicked, but no one was around.

The woman put on a splint but was unable to call for help. The faithful dog ran alongside. Not far from the ravine, the dog began to move away and bark loudly. Hungry Barbara and the dog spent several days in the woods until one of the runners heard the barking.

The jogger brought the woman some bottled water and food, and then went to the forest rangers for help. A few hours later, 20 volunteers and rescuers were searching for her. She was then taken to hospital for surgery and rehabilitation. But without the resourceful and vocal dog, there is no telling how long the woman would have waited for help.

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