What to do if a whole pack of barking dogs is running towards you

Most stray dogs do not threaten people unless they are annoyed and disturbed unnecessarily. However, there are times when a homeless life with all its difficulties turns them into aggressive animals.

They, like wild wolves, make every effort to protect their territory and if people get there, then the dogs can show aggression. How to behave in such cases? Dog owners often find themselves in a similar situation.

The pack begins to bark at their pets, however, the domestic dog itself, as a rule, does not show any fear.

Barking dogs along the way is normal, albeit somewhat frightening, but do not forget that this is just a way to protect their own territory and the worst thing a person can do in this situation is to swing at the animal or start an escape.

Running causes a natural hunting instinct in a dog in the case of most animals, and the most peaceful individuals can perceive this as a manifestation of play and become even more interested in you.

It’s best to fight your fear and stop, especially if your dog is following you. In this case, the dog stops barking and in most cases it will stop.

You can use any object that will distract the dog’s attention from your person – the animal will sniff it, and then it will cease to be interested.

Domestic dogs, most often, do not react to cyclists at all, but street animals do not sway. They often bark at cyclists and chase after them. In this case, we advise you to stop and let the dogs come up – the dogs will quickly lose interest in your transport.

Your dog does not guarantee your safety in any way, and some dogs may even be frightened by a large and formidable street dog themselves. In the best case, they can sniff each other and part, but sometimes aggression can begin from the street dogs and we advise in this case to keep ultrasonic whistles with you, which will scare them away.

But do not forget to accustom your pet to this whistle so that he himself does not get scared. You can also keep a treat for your dog with you.

The main thing to hear when attacking a pack of dogs is to try to be calm and not panic. It is necessary, at the same time, to master some commands, for example, confidently order: “Fu!” and drive away the homeless. Please note that this should be just a command, not a shout. Do not reach out and do not look the animal in the eye, but if the dog sniffs you, do not interfere.

By the way, a very good way to avoid aggression from stray dogs, to regularly feed them, because it is hungry dogs that most often show unfriendliness.

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