Veterinarians shed tears when sheared a very old and abandoned cat, overgrown to the point of impossibility

On the roads of a city in the United States, volunteers noticed a very unusual cat that looked like an impossibly overgrown creature.

It turned out that he wandered around the courtyards for a long five years in the courtyards, since the owners abandoned him when they moved. Previously, it was also difficult to call him a favorite pet, since he was also on the street most of the time.

When the cat was transported to the veterinary clinic, the specialists were horrified by its mere sight and wondered if no one had noticed this cat before and tried to cut it off? The soullessness of these people is simply amazing

The survey revealed that this cat is already at a rather old age, he turned 13 years old and from the age of eight he was homeless. He was called by his sweet name – Lyutik, incredibly in harmony with his kind and sweet disposition.

Buttercup withstood the unpleasant process of cutting with dignity and without pulling out of his hands, he did not make noise or fidget. After the haircut, they combed out and removed the parasites, vaccinated him and sent him to a local shelter. The employees were incredibly sorry for the cat and his case was one of the most difficult, but Lyutik did not lose his affectionate disposition and, at first, did not get off the hands of the volunteers.

And we express our hope that this wonderful Lyutik will have caring owners.

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