They found an abandoned dog in a carrier and made him their best friend

American Bret together with his son traveled through the state of Arkansas, through a rural, uncrowded area. It was their next day off and they didn’t even know that the day was going to be extraordinary.

The weather was rather cold, and in the already dried grass they came across something resembling a box. As they approached, they saw an old animal carrier, inside which sat a frightened, hungry and dehydrated dog, which could barely keep on its paws, and the animal’s body was full of wounds and abrasions.

At first, the father and son thought that he was in such a state, as he was under the wheels, but then it became clear that this was a progressive infection from a long stay in a soiled carrier.

The same conclusion could be drawn, judging by the regrown claws of the poor thing. The father and son fed the animal with the remains of their food and decided to take the dog with them, but not in a dirty carrier. They returned to drive back.

However, on the way, one of the motorcycles ran out of fuel and for this reason everything began to stretch. When they nevertheless returned, she saw that the dog was lying in the carrier and did not move, and they thought about the worst, but, to their great joy, the dog began to whine softly.

Already at home, the dog was well fed and bathed. Then, after being examined by a veterinarian, they began to treat her, both physically and psychologically. Father and son took Charlie for overexposure, since they still had animals, but the children in the family loved the dog so much that it was decided to leave him.

For four years now, Charlie has been living in a family that loves him and is very happy.

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