The woman managed to cure the sick dog, at the sight of which everyone gave up

Once, a dog named Bunny was brought to the veterinary clinic where Eli Thompson works. It was a small pit bull with a paralysis and, as the veterinarian found out, the reason for this condition was an attack of tetanus, from which the unfortunate, in the literal sense of the word, petrified.

The veterinarian quickly delivered IVs to the animal, and then called the dog’s owners to inform them that the dog could be cured, but it takes time and money.

When the owner found out about the pet’s condition, he decided to consent to the euthanasia, but the veterinarian Eli did not want to do this, because the dog had every chance of a full life.


She took pity and decided to take care of the dog’s health herself. She spent many sleepless nights, putting on IVs every two hours, doing massages and giving special food with a dropper.

She combined all this with massages and special food from a syringe and did not leave the animal. Eli and her husband nursed the pit bull for ten days, and only then did they have a faint hope that he would survive.

A month later, Bunny was finally able to stand up and wagged his tail cheerfully. Now the process of his treatment is still going on, albeit slowly, however, Eli is convinced that very soon the dog will return to a full life.

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