The touching story of the rescue of a young dog abandoned on the side of the road

Poor little Zoomi was only four months old when it was abandoned in the wilderness. It lay there for a week, waiting for someone to rescue it. Luckily, a kind-hearted woman noticed this and took action to change the situation.

Kia Grant is the director of Adams County Pet Rescue, an animal welfare organization in Rhodesia, a country in Central Africa.
In mid-May 2022, she learned that a stray dog needed help.

The man saw it hunched over on the side of the road. The good Samaritan fed it every day, but when it still wouldn’t let him near it, he decided to seek help, knowing that he wouldn’t be able to persuade it to come with him.
However, Zoomi was not ready to follow its benefactor. Kia decided to leave it alone for the night and return the next day.
Zoomi sat by the stream, where it quenched its thirst. Kia had also spread out a mountain of food on the ground for it. It was placed in a comfortable enclosure with a calm companion who allowed it to rest.
After a satisfactory veterinary examination and petting, Zoomi was released from its cage.

The girl has since met a couple who have fallen in love with it and want to adopt it for life.
It is now living the dream life and has completely forgotten about its painful past.

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