The timid dog waited for the owners to return to the shelter for it – but they did not

When the owners left Oscar in the shelter in a serious condition, the poor dog did not understand why he was now all alone behind the bars of the cage… He looked sadly and timidly at everyone who approached his enclosure.

Oskar is a dog with a complicated life story. His owners gave him to the shelter when he was less than a year old. When he was left at the shelter, the staff were horrified – the dog had a wound on his neck and was covered in mud. It turned out that the owners had been keeping him outside all this time.

They immediately helped him – they began to treat the wound, bathed him, fed him and gave him a separate aviary. The frightened dog at first could not get used to the fact that the walls and bars of the cage were around him. Oscar was very sad – it was impossible to look at him without pity. Therefore, the staff began to look for new owners for him as soon as he recovered.

But months went by, and still no one wanted to take Oscar. His sadness grew more and more, although the volunteers did everything to spread information about him.. Soon the orphanage was overflowing, and there was simply nowhere to give Oscar. Then he was noticed by the staff of the local rescue center, and the dog had to move to another shelter.

Fortunately, a temporary home was immediately found for Oscar in the new shelter. It was the first time in two years that he found himself in a warm house – and he was incredibly happy. Crossing the threshold, he smiled and wagged his tail for the first time in a long time, realizing that he was safe and surrounded by care here.

The guardian took care of Oskar and also treated some of the digestive and dental problems that the vets discovered he had already in the new shelter. Oskar is still waiting for a permanent home to be found for him. This kind, sweet and affectionate creature deserves the greatest of happiness! We hope he finds his owners soon!

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