The stray was bitten by a snake, but the dog fought for her life until the end because she was pregnant.

The stray dog, despite being bitten by a snake, bravely fought for her life until the very end due to being pregnant.


The life of the homeless dog took a sudden turn when she was attacked by a snake on the street.

Local people in Arizona saw a stray dog that had been bitten by a snake. They called the emergency services. When they arrived at the scene, the animal turned out to be pregnant.

Swift action was necessary to save the dog’s life and her offspring. Veterinarians administered the antidote and then assisted in delivering the puppies. The dog was named Molly. She gave birth to 7 puppies while on the way to the shelter. She was only about a year old, and this was her first litter. Even the snake bite couldn’t stop her from giving birth to healthy little ones.

Volunteers are now looking for a new home for the dog and her babies.

Since snake venom is toxic, the center staff did everything correctly and promptly, as no negative consequences were found in the animal. The antidote worked effectively.

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