The story of an abandoned collie which followed everyone and begged to love it

Homeless animals have already become familiar to us and many do not even pay attention to the numerous cats and dogs wandering around. However, pedigree animals still cause confusion, because people often pay a lot of money to acquire such a pet.

So, one day people noticed a collie on the sidewalk. The poor dog ran after everyone he met, and a plea for help was read in his eyes. The dog looked quite well-fed and well-groomed, so it could well have gotten lost, or the unfortunate one was one of those pets that irresponsible owners abandon without a twinge of conscience.

Some time later, volunteers noticed the purebred dog and took it for overexposure. The dog, moreover, had an excellent pedigree and was given the nickname Marcel.

After the dog had bathed and combed his hair, he became so cute that it was difficult to pass by such a charm indifferently, In addition, he was with a very calm and friendly, however, and did not give himself offense.

Young age contributed to an inquisitive character and, already being overexposed, he began to study all the objects that were in the house, he loved to play with children and spent all the time with them,

But for some reason the poor animal was unlucky, no one wanted to take him, People were afraid that it would be hard to keep a big dog at home, But there was a family ready to become the owners of Marseille.

Now he happily lives in the courtyard of a private house and simply adores his new owners.

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