The staff of the cafe fed the cat with an unhappy look and one day she appeared with a note on the collar

We will tell you a funny story of a cat named Tula, who lives in the UK. This beauty of the Siberian breed is eleven years old and most recently she was a regular at one of the city’s restaurants, where he was regularly and with pleasure treated to goodies, mistaking for a homeless cat.

But one day it turned out that the purr leads a kind of double life. Tula began to visit this restaurant after the lifting of restrictions related to quarantine measures and she began to meow plaintively until one of the visitors or staff shared their food with her.

After eating, Tula left and no one knew where exactly. Perhaps this would have continued to this day, if one day the restaurant staff would not have thought to find out where this cat is from and where it goes.

One of the waiters wrote a note and attached it to the collar of the furry’s neck. The kitty, of course, did not realize what had happened and, as if nothing had happened, returned home to her owners, the Coles spouses.

After reading the note. Alice Cole was incredibly surprised, because on a piece of paper it was written that people want to know if Tula has a house, as well as the address of the institution where she regularly goes for a portion of food.

And then it turned out that the nimble cat also visited the city nursing home and begged for food there, ideally depicting loneliness and hunger on its face, and putting pressure on the pity of the pretty Tula went off with a bang.

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