The special kitten who had no eyes clung to life with all its might

Unique Muppet was born with several deformities on its face, which left it without eyes or a nose. It needed special care and treatment, but the volunteers weren’t about to give up on this difficult path. Thanks to them, it’ s a chance for the little one.

This unique kitten was born with several deformities of the muzzle, which left it without eyes and a nose, as well as hydrocephalus – a build-up of fluid in the brain. It was picked up on the streets of Edinburgh, USA, and given to Murphy’s Safe Haven.

The kitten, called Muppet, needed special care and treatment, but the shelter staff didn’t want to leave it behind. A volunteer named Audrey took the kitten into her care – she knew this little one would make it.

Every two hours the guardian fed the kitten through a special tube. It was kept in a special incubator where its body temperature was regulated and it breathed extra oxygen, which made it easier to breathe and supported its lungs.

Despite all the difficulties, the kitten persevered through all the procedures and really wanted to live. It showed itself to be a real fighter, who was not afraid of anything on the road to recovery. The kitten had a great appetite and a loud voice that always let it know when it was hungry.

Muppet has no eyes, but has strong instincts and an incredible fighting spirit. This miracle kitten has already made great progress, and continues to grow. As it grows, its other senses will develop and help it navigate like a regular kitty.

Muppet is already learning to crawl, continues to make small victories, gain weight and make its guardians happy. They are sure that this baby will have a great future, as there have been many cases of kittens with this disorder growing up to be happy kittens. Be happy, little one!

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